Assistive Technology Evaluations: School, Workplace, home.

Disabilities often limit or complicate access to information, in eliminating those barriers your first step should be obtaining a thorough evaluation of your needs.  For many, limitations could be the inability to use a computer or smartphone, or read printed text due to low or no vision. However, there are countless barriers put in place by disability and inaccessibility to information that can be overcome by the use of appropriate technology solutions. Many individuals suffer daily with unnecessary limitations on their independence and abilities and are unaware of solutions that can help. 

StateTek provides assessment services to individuals at home, in the workplace, large organizations or small businesses to help assess the needs of their customers with disabilities or the individual consumer. We can tailor our recommendations within the framework of your organization or individual needs.

Technology Troubleshoot: Software & Hardware.

We are well versed in many assistive technologies including JAWS, ZoomText, GUIDE, CDesk (also with Peggy), Dragon Naturally Speaking, VoiceOver, WindowEyes, WYNN, OpenBook, Kurzweil 1000 & 3000 including many other software and iOS apps. We can hep you optimize your environment through the use of smart home devices, voice assistants, and even leverage existing accessibility options included your existing computing device.

Assistive technology solutions can often be very sensitive to specific versions, or other standard technologies such as web browsers or word processors may not work as expected. In addition, customers that rely on assistive technology can often be at a distinct disadvantage in protecting themselves from online threats due to the reduced context to the user. Our troubleshoot services are not limited to assistive technology software and hardware, we also provide support for standard technology including a variety of desktop operating systems and mobile devices including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.


In addition to software training, we also provide training on a variety of popular assistive hardware devices such as hand-held digital audio players, stand-alone scan and read solutions, and alternative and augmentative input devices. Training can occur at your location either one-on-one or via remote assistance. In short, we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

Accessibility Consulting

Assistive technology bridges the gap between disability an inaccessible materials. However, content creators (which nowadays is practically everyone) should consider accessibility early and often during the creative process. Whether you are creating websites, print or electronic documents, video, or audio, we can provide you with best practices, evaluation, remediation, and tools to help you get accessible quickly. Learn how to make your documents accessible using popular software applications and ensure that your message is reaching your entire audience.