Expertise in Assistive Technology Services Delivery

Leon McNaught currently works as an Accessibility Coordinator in the California State University (CSU) system. In addition, he holds a Masters degree in Educational Counseling, is a certified Assistive Technology Partitioner, and is a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies. Degrees, credentials, and 24 years of experience aside, a continued first-hand experience in the nations largest public education system is what makes Statetek your preferred choice for young adult rehabilitation services.  

Whether your consumer is in high school, transitioning to college, trying work experience, or entering the workforce, Statetek has the knowledge and connections to ensure essential technologies and accommodations create successful outcomes in education, the workplace, and ultimately independence.

Statetek's mission is to facilitate equal access to information and to help individuals with disabilities fully participate and benefit from technological advances. 

Regardless of disability, Statetek can recommend alternate means of access and technology that will maintain, increase, or regain productivity and independence. Statetek has worked with thousands of individuals in the workplace (government and private employers), at home, and in secondary and post-secondary education settings. Our 24 years of experience has provided a well-trained instinct for what works, what motivates, and what makes a positive impact on independence and equal access.